March 25, 2010

NIH Proposed Guidelines for Managment of Food Allergy

Introduction post

Hi anyone who is reading this, I hope the information here has been helpful. I recently learned the NIH has issued proposed guidelines for the managment of food allergies. I'm reading them and I plan to post some comments.

They have acknowledged non-IgE food allergies! Yay! And they use the term "non-IgE food allergy" instead of confusing terms like "non-allergic"! Hurray! The establishment is starting to accept and use knowledge about non-IgE food allergies, and now fewer people will suffer undiagnosed.

If you would like to read the proposed guidelines, here is the link

Anyone who likes may post comments, the deadline is May 6. In my day job I've learned a lot about the FDA, and this is standard procedure. They propose and request comments, they collect the comments and consider them, and when the final rule or guideline is issued the FDA writes a preamble in which they discuss the comments and why they did or did not adopt each suggestion. I hope the NIH writes a discussion also.

I'm so happy about this progress! Yay!

Julia :)