June 13, 2011

Soybean oil in hand lotion

Introduction post

Hi everyone,

I have some recent experiences with hand lotion and soybean oil to share.

As you know, I'm allergic to soy. By the symptoms it appears to be non-IgE allergy. About 2 months ago I was in an office and used a little lotion that was by the sink. It worked very well and I thought I might buy some for myself - but on checking the ingredients it contains soybean oil. I had sinus pain for the rest of the day, probably from the oil.

A few weeks later I was at another place and used a little of the fancy scented lotion in the bathroom. Then I remembered my earlier experience and checked the ingredients and it also contained soybean oil. This time I washed it off and didn't get any sinus pain.

I've been using the same types of natural soy- and camomile-free lotions for a few years, and I hadn't looked at other lotions. I don't remember soybean oil being such a common ingredient. But maybe it was and I thought it didn't matter since I wasn't eating it.

When I first learned I have IgE allergy to ragweed I learned that camomile cross-reacts with ragweed and stopped using cosmetics that contain it, with a noticeable improvement in symptoms. I've also gotten sleepy from antihistamine cream, just like taking an antihistamine orally. So now I know from experience that things put on my skin are absorbed into my system, including soybean oil.

So it's important to check the ingredients on lotions, deodorants, and such for allergens. Remember, if you have allergy symptoms from mid-August to the first frost, it's probably ragweed allergy, and avoiding camomile will probably help. :-) And remember, lecithin is a soy product.

Take care,