November 10, 2013

Update of Non-IgE Egg Allergy and the Flu Shot

Two years ago I posted about my non-IgE egg allergy symptoms from my first annual flu shot. Symptoms from my second shot in 2012 were not as bad. I got my 2013 shot on Friday Nov. 1st and the symptoms were as bad as in 2011.

As in 2011, beginning 2-3 hours after the shot I got very bothersome sinus pain, some chest pressure, and some achiness. The sinus pain finally cleared up late morning on Monday. Monday afternoon could feel the pressure clearing out and thought that would be the end of it.

However, Tuesday I had very bothersome fatigue and fuzziness around my sinuses. Why did this feel so familiar? Oh yes, it's an egg symptom. I used to get this frequently before I figured out I'm allergic to egg, and I got it from the flu shot in 2011 but not in 2012. When it happens, the fatigue and fuzzy sinuses last about a full day, and the fatigue clears up gradually the next day.

The sinus pain is so bothersome I wonder if I should have gotten a medical exemption instead of beginning the flu shots, but I was concerned about catching the flu from patients and visitors in the hospital I work at. As I mentioned in another post, I wasn't able to get the new egg-free flu shot this year. I hope I can next year!

Julia Baresch